Spain 129From the Romans to the Carthaginians to the conquest by the Moors and recapture by the Catholic monarchy, throughout history Spain has been a coveted territory with its rich farmlands and coastal holdings on both the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Each of these conquests has contributed to Spain’s rich and diverse culture and added to its allure. Below are just a few of the many delights Spain has to offer.


Barcelona is a brilliant mix of trendy nightlife offset by unique architecture, beautiful beaches balanced by a booming business center and amazing foods counterbalanced with dozens of easy ways to work off the calories. Throw it all together and you get the wonderful “ambiente” that makes up Spain’s most populous city. Read more


Located on the Guadalquivir River, Seville was a small but successful settlement when Julius Caesar conquered it for Rome in 45BC, but after that, as they say, the rest is history. Read more

Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol, on Spain’s southern Mediterranean coast, is where Spaniards go to play. From fancy resorts to massive villas, this is Spain’s answer to Cabo San Lucas (without the crazy Spring Break party atmosphere). And when you get tired of looking at the stunning sea, there are plenty of cultural options to keep you occupied and keep the skin cancer at bay. Read more


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