Costa del Sol, Spain

Costa del Sol offers plenty more than sun and sand to keep your holiday interesting. Check out these one-of-a-kind options:

Gibraltar – Just a short drive from Costa del Sol resorts off the N340 or A7 (Cadiz-Malaga Highway) is Gibraltar. As it is a British holding, you will need a valid passport to enter, but you can do so as many times as you like. Residents of certain countries also need a visa (check here to see if that includes you You’ll park at the bus stop and walk five minutes to the frontier.

While in Gibraltar, you’ll definitely want to go to the top of the rock, where you can see Europe in one direction and Africa on the opposite horizon, with easy access to both the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. From there you’ll understand why Gibraltar is such a strategic and hotly contested piece of real estate.spain 838

No matter which country rules the Rock, it’s the Barbary Macaques that really rule the roost here. These friendly and curious monkeys are Europe’s only primates and have lived on the Rock for centuries. Don’t be surprised if a youngster hops on your shoulders for a ride.

Also check out the 32 miles of war tunnels constructed in World War II and the amazing acoustics of St. Michael’s Cave.

Alhambra – If the Alcazar is Seville’s best remnant from Moorish times, Alhambra takes that honor in southern Spain. Originally a fortress on a hill, Alhambra was built in the 12th century into the brilliant complex of palaces, gardens, baths and mosques that still remain today. No trip to the area is complete without visiting this historical gem. The Alhambra is the most popular tourist spot in the region, and you must buy tickets and reserve a spot online days, if not weeks, prior to your arrival. Learn more about buying tickets here


If you’ve gone to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar on a clear day, you know that Africa is spitting distance from this part of Spain. You may not realize, though, that Tangier, Morocco is just 14 km (9 miles) away by ferry. This subject is long enough to warrant its own separate post, so click here for how to best enjoy Tangier.



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