5 Ways to Beat the Heat in Austin


On average, Austin, Texas reaches 90 degrees F (32 C) 118 days of the year. What better way to beat the heat than in the water? Austin has plenty of options, which is a good thing since many are very popular. Here are a few favorites:

  1. Barton Springs – Located inside Zilker Park is a 3-acre pool fed from underground springs. Water temperatures average 68-70 degrees (20-21 C), making it a refreshing treat on hot days. However, with a record number of 800,000 visitors in recent years, it’s good to have a Plan B in mind.
  2. Kayak and canoe rentals are available on Barton Creek, just east of Barton Springs in Zilker Park.
  3. Saddle up a kayak, canoe or paddle board and spend the afternoon in Lady Bird Park. In addition to the water, this park has ten miles of scenic trails along the Colorado River downtown. No swimming or power boats are allowed in Lady Bird Lake. (Hint: Use the pink tag from your AO Tour for 10% off rentals at Live Love Paddle).
  4. Walter E. Long Lake is renowned for largemouth and striped bass fishing. Jet skis and water skiing is also popular here.
  5. Inks Lake State Park provides some of the best swimming and camping in Central Texas. Located in the State Park is the Highland Lakes Golf Course which features a nine-hole course with beautiful lake views.

Fun fact: Austin’s lakes are actually part of a river. The Colorado River is strategically dammed seven times in a row to create a series of reservoirs for recreation and water usage. The lakes are a continuous chain from Lake Buchanan 60 miles North of Austin to Lady Bird Lake (formerly Town Lake) in downtown Austin.


Heard in Austin, Texas: “Tell me something about your body art.” “This one is Quan Yin, the Buddist goddess of compassion.”


“It is said she put peacocks on the earth because their feathers look like eyes, so they watch over people and animals to make sure they’re treating each other kindly.”


“This is a Thai elephant. Elephants have great memories and I am a recovering addict and the elephant helps me to never forget where I came from. I’ll have 9 years in 4 months in October, and I didn’t start getting heavily tattooed until I got sober.”

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