Austin’s Hidden Speakeasy


Say the word hostel, and thoughts of dorm rooms, shared bathrooms and smelly laundry come to mind. In Austin, though, the Firehouse Lounge & Hostel offers a chance to sneak away, in the middle of the city, to a quirky treasure.

Located just off 6th street on Brazos and across from the famous Driskill Hotel, the Firehouse doesn’t offer much in the way of curb appeal. But for those in the know, the bookshelf in the front lobby serves as a doorway to a speakeasy-style lounge dripping with coolness.austin

Firehouse celebrates the art of the cocktail with hand-crafted libations featuring prohibition-era names like “Bees Knees” (gin, honey, lemon), and the Baptist (bourbon, lime, ginger beer). The bartenders are known around town as true mixologists and have a full array of the accouterments of the trade at their disposal.

Plush velvet walls and rich wooded bars create a sense of relaxed luxury that makes Firehouse Lounge popular with the hipster tech crowd as well as visitors, and music, either live or DJ, plays most nights.

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