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Testarossa Travel

Testarossa Travel is a collection of stories about the amazing people of the world and the places they live. Adventurous, funny, and often humbling or downright embarrassing, these stories capture my experiences with authenticity and are meant to inspire readers to get out there and see the world. Each tale is designed to give the reader a true sense of a place, its sights, sounds and smells, and most of all, its people.

Testarossa Travel

About Mar

A childhood geek who would stare at the globe and dream of where I would go, I became an avid traveler as soon as I gained independence. From the time I ran away to California as a teenager (really!) to backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail to my “grown-up gap year” round-the-world trip, I’ve always loved the freedom of solo travel. Almost 50 years and 50 countries later, I feel like I’ve only just begun. My favorite part of travel is meeting other people on the journey and sharing their stories.

Why I write Testarossa Travel:

Inspire – So many people say they live vicariously through my blog, and I’m humbled and grateful for that. My favorite, though, is when people say they went somewhere because of what I wrote about my experiences. So what if you’re no longer in your 20’s and footloose and fancy-free? Or that you don’t have anyone to go with you? Or you’re afraid of flying, have too many food allergies, are an introvert…and all the countless stories we tell ourselves that limit us. Challenge yourself, expand your comfort zone, and you’ll stay young in heart, mind and body. If I can do it, so can you!

Equalize – When my daughter was young, she once asked me if the world is more dangerous thanTestarossa Travel when I grew up. Years later I am more convinced than ever about the accuracy of my response: It absolutely is not. Throughout humanity’s history there has always been a very small percentage of people who are evil (I estimate it to be – at most – about one-half of one percent) . I do not believe this percentage has suddenly skyrocketed in the past generation. On the other hand, our access to news has exploded. In my childhood, the news was on once or twice in the evening and the newspaper came daily. Sadly, my children grew up in the era of “FearTV.” Today we have dozens of all-news-all-day cable channels and the internet 24×7. These media outlets are in the business of selling advertising, and let’s face it: fear sells, so they seek out bad news and play it over and over, rarely delivering any meaningful insights in the process. The more we watch it and read it, the more it becomes how we define reality. But it’s JUST. NOT. TRUE. From the man in Ramallah who got off the bus to walk me to my destination, to the lady on the train in Thailand who spoke no English but shared her snacks with me, to the family who adopted me in Cairo, the world is full of warm, kind, loving human beings. I have the honor of writing about them, and although I am only one voice, my intent is to do my part to balance out FearTV so perhaps my readers can challenge their judgments about specific places or the world in general.

Testarossa Travel

Educate – Because so much of what we think we know comes from the media, it is nearly impossible to get the full story without experiencing it ourselves or talking to people who have. Life in post-Communist Eastern Europe, the refugee crisis, and favelas in Rio de Janeiro all have this in common: there’s a fascinating story that goes far beyond our rudimentary knowledge. I aspire to bring those stories to readers in a way that’s fun, engaging and adds depth to their understanding of the world. If just one person views one place from a different perspective because of the experience I shared, I can consider this blog a success. Check out Heard In The World for some cool first-person mini-interviews and the Friday Fun Fact series on the Testarossa Travel Facebook page for nifty nuggets of info from around the world.Serengeti

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Working Together

Looking to have your travel-related product or service reviewed here? Let’s talk! Email me at mar@testarossatravel.com, and between your ideas and my 25 years experience in marketing, I’m sure we can come up with some great campaign ideas. Keep in mind I am always honest about my experience! Here’s what kinds of companies I typically look to partner with:

  • City or country tourism boards (press tours)
  • Unique experiences at a location
  • Tour companies
  • Airlines and other transportation companies
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Cool travel gear
  • Publications/websites in the travel industry (freelance writing)
  • Marketing communications teams at corporations of any kind (freelance writing and digital/social marketing strategies and execution)


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  2. Loved the Mojito, must be a blast viewing Syria personally I prefer Jerusalem, the City of Peace but hey it is exotic and there is heaps of personality!!

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