8 Things to Know Before You Go to Jordan



JordanJordan is expensive. Expect to pay the same prices that you’d find in London or New York.

Spend more than one day in Petra. Three is ideal. You can get a three-day pass for 60 Jordanian dinar (about $80 US).

Climb to Petra’s Monastery in the afternoon. The trail is shaded then, the sun is shining on the Monastery, and as a bonus, you get to see the Treasury lit up in the morning sun.

Petra, Jordan

The Monastery

The bus system between cities is inconsistent at best. Buses do not leave on a set schedule, they wait until they are full.

With a solid highway system and signs in English and Arabic, driving in Jordan is totally safe and is often less expensive than hiring a driver. Just watch out for herds of animals.


Watch out for herds of animals on the highway!

For women: many public beaches in Aqaba frown upon women in swim suits. There’s one near the Saudi border on the south end of town where it’s not a problem, otherwise stick to resort beaches.

The climate in Jordan varies based on altitude and time of day. Low areas are hot all the time, but high desert areas, like Petra and Wadi Rum, can get very cold at night.


A Jordanian man blends traditional and western styles.

Vendors, tour guides and taxi drivers are aggressive in Jordan. Haggle like a pro and be willing to walk away.


Border crossing into Aqaba, Jordan from Eilat, Israel


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  1. Great tips about visiting Jordan. Petra is a famous tourist destination so it’s great to have an idea how to get the most out a stay there.

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